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    Post Code

    Interactive installation by vtol lets you scans any product barcode and generates a glitch print from it in postcard format - video embedded below:

    post code installation converts barcodes as a symbol of consumerism and the digital, virtual communications age into a device that encourages personal communication.
    If you put any packing with a barcode to scanner, it will print postal glitch cards with the image generated from the digits encoded in and play sounds also generated from code.

    More Here

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    Karborn - Evidence of Time Travel II

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    Who Watches The Watchers

    Art installation features painting of British MP looking at phone - painting has secret camera viewing the viewer:

    “If you are a law abiding citizen […] you have nothing to fear” – William Hague 9th June 2013

    How would you feel if William Hague was reading your email, or inspecting your browsing history, or listening to your phone calls?

    Recent revelations have revealed that the government watches you. It watches all of us, we are all now potential terrorist suspects. There is no line discerning ‘people of interest’ from the rest of the population – it’s far easier to suck up data on every website you visit, every email you write, every phone call you make, and let inscrutable algorithms decide whether you are a suspect or not.

    These decisions are made behind closed doors, using unaccountable processes about which we cannot be told, all in the interest of National Security.

    So, who’s watching you now? This painting. It watches you back, capturing that most private of moments, the interaction between you and the canvas. It plunders your face and stows it in its digital nest, whether you like it or not.

    More Here

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    The video camera is plugged into the VCR, allowing it to record itself being poked and prodded.

    GIF’d version of Vide-Uhhh! (2005)

    I will forever consider this one of the coolest but oddly creepiest things.

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    Portraits by David Szauder


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    A version for tumblr that can be read without opening a new tab, since plenty of people would scroll past this story otherwise.

    O direito a igualdade. Malala <3

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Chris Bracey
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    Maru - Cafeina (vivo) (by projetomaru)

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    Chu Moonwalker 3D! @ Corcovado - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

    Chu Moonwalker 3D! @ Corcovado - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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    Chu no Slackline.


    Meu amigo Chu, atravessando pelo Slackline. Boa cara!

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